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Ready To Build Financial Confidence?

You're in the right place! Here's what to do:


Figure out what has been holding you back. Whether you know it or not, you have money beliefs that you have internalized over time. Money can be a source of stress, fear, and limitation, or it can be a beautiful tool to solve problems and live generously.

Let's reprogram those limiting patterns that are keeping you stuck and small, and reclaim your relationship with money.


Create a plan for your money. No longer can personal financial planning be a mere afterthought - the correlation between financial planning and financial success is undeniable! 

Let's get started by identifying your core values, defining your SMART financial goals, then making a financial plan


Make informed financial decisions, promote better financial habits, and amplify the impact of your hard-earned money by directing it to what matters most to you. Download our FREE Budget Spreadsheet to transition from worrying about money to having confidence about how you manage it. 

Hi, I'm Vicki

And I'm here to help you feel less intimidated about money so that you can confidently accelerate your wealth-building journey

Wouldn't it be nice to feel financially secure and in control of your finances? To drive a change in your financial situation through action? If that's you, you’ll feel right at home here! 

I'm your finance savvy friend that does the homework for you and equips you with the right tools and information to confidently build your wealth. 

Around these parts, I share insightful and impactful articles that aim to demystify money and help you develop financial confidence to better manage and amplify the impact of your hard-earned money.

Let's make wealth-building something we can all feel confident about.

The Savvy Dollar | Personal Finance Spreadsheets

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Get clarity on your income, savings, and expenses using this FREE Google Sheet budget spreadsheet.

In this spreadsheet you will get:

  • Automated visuals and insights
  • Flexibility to set your own budgeting categories
  • Trackers for expenses, income, and savings and investments
  • Monthly budgeting summary of your budget vs your actual spending 

The best part? It's absolutely FREE!